Using Twitter for event promotion

Twitter on a big touch screen at an Ernst & Young event When you want to use Twitter for event promotion, there are four important steps:

  1. Choose your event hash tag;
  2. Promote your hash tag before your event;
  3. Engage with your audience during your event;
  4. Follow up after your event.

Let’s take a moment to drive into these 4 steps:

1. Choose a smart hash tag. This means that your hash tag must be descriptive, unique and short. Using a short hash tag allows your audience enough characters for their own content and retweets. Always make sure there are no other purposes for the hash tag you intend to use, especially when your event has a common name or abbrevation.

2. Promote your hash tag before your event. After you have decided what hash tag you will be using, display it on all your promotional tools you have. Every ad, email, website, tweet, facebook update or interview that you have about your event should contain a mention of your hash tag.  To really get the viral part going, consider using a Twitter contest. For example, you could have a lottery for free tickets amongst all retweeters.

3. Engage with your audience during your event. Some people seem to think that Twitter promotion ends as soon as your event starts. They miss out on an important part: turning your social media connection into a human connection. Engaging with your audience through Twitter at your event is a great way to strenghten your connection and turn your attendees into followers, which allows you to promote your next events. A great way to do this is by using a Twitter wall like TweetBeam, which allows you to display all the tweets around your event. Try what it looks like on your screen by entering a topic of interest below:

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4. Follow up after your event. After your event, follow up with your audience by tweeting the results of your event. You can send them statistics about your event, the best photos or just thank them for their attendance. This allows you to stay in touch with your visitors after the event, creating a valuable social media relationship.