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TweetBeam awesomeness TweetBeam is a Twitter wall software, that allows you to automatically collect live tweets around any topic of your choice. Just enter a topic you would like to display below and give it a try!

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One of the great things about these shows is that they are browser-based, which means you don’t have to install any TweetBeam software. Once you have set up a show, you can view it anywhere you want by copy-pasting the URL. The show you created in the widget above is actually only the basic function. To set up some really cool stuff, log in here using your Twitter account. After logging in, you will have the option to create a new show (we’ll get to that) or get a personalized Twitter show. The latter automatically collects all tweets from everyone you follow and puts them in a TweetBeam show.

Setting up your TweetBeam show

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When you create a new show, you will notice you have some exta options for setting up your display. First of all, you can use advanced Twitter search operators to create shows for combinations of different search terms. Another neat feature is the option to filter by language. This ensures you don’t get foreign content in your show. For more advanced moderation options, you can use the filtering options. There, you will be able to block specific users and/or words from being displayed in your show. You can update these filters while your show is being dispayed and they will automatically be applied within 30 seconds. For commercial events, we also offer a full moderation option that allows you to select tweets manually.

Contact us for use at events

When you are considering using TweetBeam at a commercial, non-private or broadcasting event, be sure to contact us beforehand. In certain cases a license will be required for use and in all cases we will help you ensure you have the perfect show on display. You can contact us and find more about commercial use here.