Create a live Twitter stream using TweetBeam

TweetBeam awesomeness TweetBeam allows you to create a live Twitter stream, for example for streaming tweets at events. The show will automatically collect all tweets matching your search and display them in your show. Setting up your first display is very easy, just enter any topic of your choice below.

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The most important thing when setting up a live Twitter stream is making sure your show automatically finds the correct tweets that you want. In TweetBeam, you can use any advanced Twitter search operator you want for this. For example, you can create a show with all tweets about #yourtag or @youraccount since 2012 by searching for ‘#yourtag OR @youraccount since:2012-01-01′ (without the apostrophes of course). Especially at events, you want to prevent unwanted content from getting displayed on screen. TweetBeam has a built-in filtering system for this. You can set up automatic filters that allow you to select what words and/or users should never be displayed in your show. To get access to these filters and other options, log in using your Twitter account.

You also have the option to set up manual filters, which allow you to select what tweets will get shown by hand. This option is a bit more time consuming as a user, but will ensure that you have the perfect show at your event. This is particularly useful for short events with a high impact, like a press conference. If you are interested in learning more about this option, contact us about setting up your personal show. The dashboard you see when you log in actually gives you additional options. For example, you can select a language that all tweets must be in when they are displayed. This is especially useful when the topic you are interested in has different meanings in different languages. Another nice option is to have preferred lists. These allow you to select important accounts, whose tweets will then always be shown and they will get the biggest boxes in your show.

When you use TweetBeam in a private setting at home, use of the software is completely free. However, when you use TweetBeam for broadcasting, commercial or other non-private events, a license is required. To find out whether you require a license and how you can optimize your TweetBeam experience, contact us to get a personal offer for your event!