TweetBeam: a Twitter wall with advanced moderation

While one of the strengths of a Twitter wall is its open content, there are a number of good reasons to moderate your show. Fair or not, your audience will associate the content of your show with your brand.

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Therefore, your first priority should be to filter vulgarity and other curse words. In commercial settings, you may also want to prevent competitors from disrupting your events. And as with any online medium, you will have to prepare for the possibility of trolls trying to disrupt your show (if you’re not familiar with the concept of trolls, you can find more here). Finally, in some cases you may be using a Twitter search that also finds unassociated content for your event, for example when you are using a hash tag used for different purposes.

TweetBeam is a Twitter visualization that offers solutions for all these problems. Before looking at how this works, have a look at what a TweetBeam show looks like by entering a topic of your choice below.

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When you use  TweetBeam show, you can choose two types of moderation: Manual or Automatic.

  • Manual filtering: Manual filtering allows you to choose each tweet that will be displayed in your show by hand. This means you will neve be surprised by what is displayed on your Twitter wall. The obvious downside is that this will require you to monitor your TweetBeam show continuously to select tweets. This option is most often used at short, but very important events (e.g. press conferences, keynote speeches). When you are interested in a TweetBeam show with manual filtering, contact us.

  • Automatic filtering In automatic filtering, you set up filters fo the content of your show beforehand. TweetBeam allows you to create the following types of filters:

    1. Words in the text of the tweet;

    2. Specific users by their Twitter accont;

    3. Depending on the date or time a tweet was sent;

    4. The language a tweet was written in. To get access to these options, simply log in using your Twiter account. When you want to use TweetBeam for a commercial or non-private event, be sure to contact us beforehand to ensure you have a licensed show. We will then help ensure you have the perfec TweetBeam show at your event!