Display Live Tweets

TEDxAMS TweetBeam LayoutWhen you want to display live tweets, the first thing you’ll realize is that Twitter’s own website is not suited for this. While the Twitter search works great to find the live tweets, the display is highly impractical. TweetBeam is our solution to display live tweets at any occasion.

Disadvantages of Twitter Search

Why is Twitter’s website not practical for a live display? First of all, new tweets aren’t shown automatically, but require you to hit the “X new tweets button”. And even though there are workarounds for this issue (for example, you could use an auto refresh in your browser), the Twitter presentation fills most of your screen with suggested tweets, accounts, your settings and other options.

TweetBeam solves these issues by automatically collecting new tweets for any hash tag, profile or advanced search you want. Even better, your tweets will be displayed in a beautiful visualization instead of the standard Twitter layout. Just set up your show and watch the tweets roll in!

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Your TweetBeam show actually has some more advanced options, which you can access by logging in using your Twitter account. Once you’re logged in, you will be able to access your dashboard to view the advanced settings of your show. Perhaps the most important option for displaying live tweets is filtering. When you go to the “Filters” tab in the settings of your show, you will be able to select any words you want blocked. Blocking multiple words is easy, simply put another word on the next line. You can use the same approach to block users in the next box. This allows you to display your tweets live, without being concerned about unwanted content.

 TweetBeam - Moderation options

The beauty of these filters is that it makes TweetBeam perfect for use at events. Your show allows you to display what’s being tweeted about your event in real-time, which will motivate your audience to start tweeting as well. By setting up your filters, you can ensure that only the tweets you want get displayed.

For more information about using TweetBeam at your event, please contact us.