5 ways you can use Twitter for your conference

There are many different ways you can use Twitter at your conference. Before we get to those, it’s important to understand why you want to use Twitter for your conference. Let’s start with these:

  • Promotion of your conference when tickets become available. As we all know: people can’t go to your event if they don’t know it exists. Sending tweets regularly (and having the right people retweet) helps you get the word out by applying Twitter’s friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend effect.

  • While using Twitter for promotion before your event is nice, the real fun starts when people come walking in. Twitter is the perfect tool for engaging with your audience, because it give you a broad feedback platform that can be used from practically any mobile device.

  • If you want people to really benefit from attending your conference, you want them to go home with some freshly acquired additions to their business network. Twitter can really help you in this regard as well, by letting your audience know who’s there. In case you’re wondering how you could use Twitter to do this, we’ll get to that later on.

  • Finally, when your event ends your conference can still help you gain Twitter followers. Whether you’ll use these for a follow-up on your conference, promotion of your next event or just as an audience for your best one-liners, it’s always good to have more people listening to you. Now that we know

why you want to use Twitter at your conference, let’s look at how you can do this. Let’s start with the obvious: create a hash tag for your conference and start using this in everything you create for your event. Don’t just limit the use of this hash tag to your tweets, but make sure it is shown on every promotional tool (poster, email, website, ads etc.) you may use. Now we can get to the really interesting stuff: using Twitter at your event. 5 ways of using Twitter at your conference

  1. Use a Twitter wall to display what is being tweeted about your conference at your event. Not only will this show your audience (and prospective future audience) what’s going on, it will also motivate your attendees to start tweeting. TweetBeam is a great tool for this, that allows you to create a visualization of any topic on Twitter. Give it a try below.

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  2. Now that your visitors know what’s going on on Twitter, you can start being clever about getting them to use it. A great way to do this is by asking them to tweet feedback. For example, have one of your presenters ask them to tweet what they think the best part of the conference is.

  3. You can extend the feedback concept by introducing Twitter contests, where the best, funniest or most retweeted tweet with the conference hash tag gets a price. This will not only generate more tweets, but also ensure they have good content.

  4. When your event has important guests or speakers, you don’t want their tweets to get lost in those of the crowd. Make sure you highlight important tweets to ensure your audience receives the most important content. TweetBeam has a built-in feature that allows you to do this. 5. While 140 character messages certainly have their appeal, the best way to create an eye-catching Twitter wall is by showing tweeted images. You can even mix this with the Twitter contests and create competitions for who can send the best photos at your event.

Twitter on a big touch screen at an Ernst & Young eventApplying these 5 methods will help you maximize the benefit of using Twitter at your conference. As you can see, having a visual Twitter wall is key to using these techniques. When you’re thinking of using TweetBeam at your conference, contact us beforehand to ensure your show is ready to go.