The Best Tweet Wall for Events

Before deciding what tweet wall to use for your events, you should first consider what your reasons are for wanting a tweet wall in the first place. The most obvious reason would be to use the platform to engage with your audience, but there are also other advantages. For example, you might want to use your tweet wall to generate social media exposure for your organization, by motivating your visitors to tweet using your hash tag. Or you could use it purely as decoration, to keep your guests entertained while waiting for the main event to begin.

Especially in the latter two cases, it’s important to have a tweet wall that that is visually impressive. TweetBeam allows you to create such walls, by using a beautiful display technique. Give it a try by entering any topic of your choice below.

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Now that you know why you want to use a tweet wall and how to create your wall, it’s time to choose what you want to display. You have a number of different options here as well:

  1. Perhaps the most obvious choice would be to simply use a hash tag and display all the tweets containing that hash tag. Example search: #myevent;

  2. When your event doesn’t have a hash tag or when you fear that there won’t be enough tweets to display, you could also decide to display all tweets from a profile. This will display all tweets sent to or from that account. Example search: @myaccount;

  3. Perhaps the best option is to combine 1. and 2. to display multiple hash tags and/or profiles. TweetBeam has a built-in feature for this, the OR operator. Simply put OR between your search terms, and all tweets containing any of the terms will be displayed. Example search: #myevent OR #yourevent OR @myaccount OR @youraccount;

  4. For the more advanced Twitter user, it’s good to know that TweetBeam actually supports all advanced Twitter search operators. This allows you to use neat stuff like time constraints or Twitter’s sentiment analysis. Example search: #myevent near:”san francisco” since:2010-1-27

  5. In many cases, you will want to block certain tweets (e.g. vulgar tweets) from your wall. You can use TweetBeam’s filter options for this. To get access to a show with filters, log in using your Twitter account. After logging in, you will be able to create shows that block tweets based on their content or the user that sent it.

Whenever you’re considering using TweetBeam for an event, be sure to contact us before your event. We will help you set up the perfect tweet wall for your event and determine whether you require a license for your organization. You can contact us by filling in the contact form.