How can I use Twitter as a backchannel at my event?

As any modern event planner will tell you, Twitter has become the backbone for social media at conferences, festivals and other events. Besides simply allowing people to communicate easily, using Twitter as a backchannel allows you to create exposure for … Continued

How can I display a live Twitter feed at events?

When you want to display live tweeting at your event, you will need software that does the following: Automatic updating: Obviously, you don’t want to have to manually update your feed, like you have to in Twitter’s own search. You … Continued

How do I use Twitter for a conference?

There are many different ways you can use Twitter at your conference. Before we get to those, it’s important to understand why you want to use Twitter for your conference. Let’s start with these: Promotion of your conference when tickets … Continued

What is a good tweet wall for events?

Before deciding what tweet wall to use for your events, you should first consider what your reasons are for wanting a tweet wall in the first place. The most obvious reason would be to use the platform to engage with … Continued