TweetBeam is a great alternative for VisibleTweets

TEDxAMS TweetBeam Layout
Looking for a great alternative to VisibleTweets? Try TweetBeam.

TweetBeam turns any Twitter search into a beautiful display. With TweetBeam, you can create a more appealing, stimulating display of tweets than with VisibleTweets. All you have to do is choose a hashtag, profile (or both), and let TweetBeam amaze you.

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Visual stimulation

As you can see, TweetBeam has a very lively and visual approach to display tweets. Every tweet is displayed as a tile with the user’s profile picture. Together, those tiles represent your tweet stream as an interactive mosaic. As tweets are loaded real-time, new tweets continuously pop up. As new tweets come in, other tweets in the background flip over.

So you can just sit back and enjoy the show. Nice bonus effect: when tweets contain an image, that image will be displayed instead of the user’s profile picture.

No unwanted tweets

When you want to use TweetBeam in front of an audience, you obviously don’t want annoying, unwanted tweets to disrupt your show. With TweetBeam, you can tune your Twitter search and only show tweets you want. You can easily prevent unwanted tweets from popping up on your Twitter wall.

How? By setting up personal filters for your shows. Try it out by logging in, using your Twitter account. Once you’re logged in, you can block tweets containing specific words and/or sent by specific users from appearing in your show.

TweetBeam also has an option for opt-in moderation, where you can explicitly select which Tweets you want to show up in your show.

In our own VisibleTweets review, we noticed it doesn’t have any of these moderation options – it’s definitely something you want to consider when putting up your show on a large display.

Twitter on a big touch screen at an Ernst & Young event

Perfect for events

You can use your TweetBeam shows just for fun, but they are also very suitable for more serious events. A live hashtag feed makes it easy to engage with your audience. TweetBeam especially will impress your visitors and encourage them to join in on the Twitter discussion. Having their tweet and picture appear on a big screen, is a big motivation for visitors.

TweetBeam has been discovered by plenty of events and brands worldwide. We are proud to have worked with clients like Disney, TEDx, Incubus HQ Live, etc.

One important thing to keep in mind when you want to use TweetBeam for your event is that you may require a license, depending on the nature of your event.

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