TweetBeam: a great alternative for twitterfountain

TweetBeam Twitter WallAs you may have noticed, twitterfountain has been down for quite a while, so it’s time to look for a good alternative tweet display. The good news is that since the launch of the original twitterfountain, a number of great alternatives have emerged. We are the creators of TweetBeam, which gives you a beautiful visualization around any topic. Before we go on, give it a try below!

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Let’s look at some of the things you could be looking for in a tweetwall, and how TweetBeam addresses these:

  1. Most importantly, you’re going to want a display that automatically displays new tweets. One of the worst things about Twitter’s own search is having to manually click the ‘Show new tweets’ button everytime. TweetBeam does this automatically for you and all new tweets get shown within 30 seconds of being posted.

  2. Next, you would like to have the option to personalize your search, by setting up the perfect constraints. TweetBeam supports all advanced Twitter search operators, so you can combine different hash tags, date constraints and so on. Another cool option is to have a show of your own Twitter, that displays tweets by everyone you follow. Simply log in with your Twitter account to create your show.

  3. While Twitter’s open nature is what makes it so effective, we can all agree that there are some tweets you could do without. Therefore, moderation of your show is an important feature. TweetBeam allows you to block any combination of users and/or words of your choice. This feature is also available after logging in here. As you can see, TweetBeam allows you to do even more than twitterfountain did, and in a nice visualization to boot. You can use TweetBeam for free for personal use. For more commercial settings (like events or commercial displays), be sure to 

Contact us beforehand to check whether a license is required. We will then help you set up your perfect TweetBeam show!