A beautiful alternative to Twitterfall: TweetBeam

TweetBeam awesomenessWhile Twitterfall is a great tool for quickly creating advanced Twitter shows, it does have a couple of downsides. You will notice those downsides when you use Twitterfall in more serious settings.

The key problem is that a Twitterfall show isn’t very visually stimulating. It can become a bit dull to stare at text-based streams of tweets for longer than a couple of minutes.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if there was a Twitter wall with Twitterfall’s functionality, but with a more engaging visualisation?

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TweetBeam vs. TwitterFall in review

TweetBeam does exactly this: it allows you to create personalised Twitter displays, with all the advanced filtering options you might need. Just like Twitterfall does. But it doesn’t end here. The shows are much more visual than those in Twitterfall: that’s the beauty of TweetBeam. Give it a try by entering any topic of your choice above.

As you can see, the key to TweetBeam is the focus on profile avatars and tweeted pictures. Thanks to the visual approach, the layout is much more appealing and stimulating. TweetBeam makes it easier to catch people’s attention.

Especially when you use TweetBeam for an event, that is a big plus. It encourages the public to join in on the Twitter conversation, using the event hashtag. And that is exactly what a Twitter wall should do.

Even if you use TweetBeam just for fun and personal use, you will appreciate the beautiful design.

Advances features

TweetBeam has all the features a professional Twitter wall should have. To set up your own show, log in using your Twitter account. Once you have logged in, you can easily manage your Twitter show and settings.

These are the options you will get:

  • Twitter search: Here you can select what hashtag, profile and/or topic you want to collect tweets for. You can use all of Twitter’s advanced search operators. That means you can add time periods, location based filters, and so on. It can also be useful to set up a language filter, especially when your search has different meanings in another language.

  • Filters:  The filters are especially useful when you use TweetBeam at an event. When you display your show to others, you obviously want to prevent unwanted content to disrupt your show. That’s why TweetBeam made it possible to prevent annoying tweets from popping up. You can block any combination of words and/or Twitter users.

  • Presentation: This page allows you to display a different hashtag in the show than the one you are using in ‘Twitter search’. This is especially useful when you have a search operator in place.

  • Advanced: There are two things you can set up here.

  1. You can decide whether you want to display retweets on your Twitter wall. The motivation for (not) doing this is that you may end up having one tweet on display over and over again, every time it is retweeted.
  2. The second thing you can do here is select a featured list. This allows you to ensure certain accounts always get shown and get the bigger boxes in your show.

As you can see, you can set up everything you could possibly want in your TweetBeam show.

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