TweetBeam Twitter Wall Knowledge Base

TweetBeam is a one-of-a-kind Twitter Wall. By focusing on great visuals, we dare to say it’s the most engaging way to display Tweets around a certain event or topic of interest on a big screen. Enter a topic of your interest in the space below to see what people around the world are sharing about it on Twitter. Then press the full-screen button and enjoy the experience as the latest relevant Tweets are being loaded and displayed one by one.

Dashboard for advanced control

Sign in to TweetBeam with Twitter to access your personal dashboard where you can create and manage your own TweetBeam Twitter shows. Set up advanced filters, search parameters, and more.

TweetBeam for Events

Display TweetBeam on a big screen at your event to engage with your audience. A Twitter Wall will entice visitors to your event or business to Tweet about it, since they want to be part of the display. This means there will be more online buzz, resulting in more Twitter followers learning about your event or business! We’d love to work together with you to create a TweetBeam show with custom branding, as we did for Ernst & Young, rock band Incubus, Disney and others. Learn about our commercial options.

Knowledge Base

Below, we have gathered a variety of articles about Twitter Walls and TweetBeam. Have a look to learn more about how to use the Power of Social Media at your next event.